Meet The Maker!

Meet The Maker!

Hi, I'm Kelsey.

I'm the face behind all things Tahoe Pine. I live tucked right in between the Wasatch mountains in American fork, UT with my amazing partner and our two dogs Stevie & Bennie. I spend a lot of my time wandering in the mountains, Nordic + downhill skiing, running on dirt & road trails, or catching a few rays outside. And crafting handmade jewelry inspired by those adventures of course! 

A question I get asked a lot is why the name Tahoe Pine if you are from and live in UT? Great question, and I love answering it! I am stupid sentimental. My dad is from Reno, and he grew up going to Tahoe all the time. I am so grateful to say that I had a such blessed childhood making the best memories with my family there. A big piece of my heart lives in Tahoe, we frequently visit and it always feels like home.

I like to think of myself as a free-spirited. I am up for any adventure, and am just going where ever life takes me, I have done school here and there since I graduated high school in '17. I am learning to slow down and realize that it is ok to take time with this one precious life and to just simply enjoy it! so that is just what I am doing. metalsmithing for me allows me to express myself creatively, I love working with my hands and really like making cool shit. I often get lost in the work and my worries seem to melt when I am able to sit and create. I find a lot of my inspiration from my favorite outdoor places, and critters and it is reflected in my work!

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