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Rainbow Trout Ring || Montana Agate || 6.5

Rainbow Trout Ring || Montana Agate || 6.5

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High Quality Yellowstone Montana Agate & Sterling Silver, this handmade statement ring is one of a kind. The band is Hand-sawn from thick gauge sterling silver and features a 14K gold fill river to adorn the band.


This ring's backplate features a hand-sawn rainbow trout on the backplate. when this ring is worn or held to the sunlight you can see the trout shining through. The band also features a flowy 14K gold-fill river. 

Size: 6.5

⊹ made entirely with sterling silver (.925), 14K gold fill, & Love
⊹ due to the entirely handcrafted nature of this product, it is one of a kind and may have small imperfections.
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